USA Wine Tours

USA wine tours are the best way to experience Michigan’s wine country. You can enjoy many wonderful Michigan wine tours organized by the wineries themselves. These tours usually last for a couple of days and focus on a specific region. They also include tasting sessions with many of Michigan’s best wine producers as well as food and entertainment in the form of workshops, tastings and competitions. The majority of the tours are customized to suit the needs of each customer.

Vine Ride is really awesome

“Vine Ride” is a small boutique wine tour business owned and operated by Petoskey residents. We specialize in small personal group private wine tours for as few as 6 individuals. Our tours are designed around both the desire to learn and the delight in sharing – this is the basic philosophy of all our tours, workshop classes and tastings.

We offer a large variety of wine tours and related experiences that will interest even the most discriminating customer. Michigan is known for its rich, diverse and plentiful natural resources, so there is something to please everyone. You can choose to tour the entire state, or just select a few of our favorite regions. Each of our Michigan wine tours includes a detailed itinerary, complete with pictures, descriptions and commentary about the wineries and region.

Private Dinner winery tours

If you prefer, we offer a small number of small Private Dinner winery tours. This type of tour is specially arranged for a limited number of customers. This is a great way to introduce a complete family to the enjoyment of drinking and enjoying wine together. Our Private Dinner Michigan wine tours start at your choice of either a table by the river or at one of our local restaurants. Your party is ready to relax, talk about wine, and enjoy a meal under the stars in a cozy and intimate setting. Our Private Dinner tours also include transportation from your hotel to the winery, and a guided tour of the facilities at each venue.

The best part about our small group tours is that they are customized to meet every expectation and budget. Our small Private Dinner wine tours often include two or three bottles of wine, and your choice of cuisine. You can visit vineyards in the California wine country, or maybe even spend a day enjoying the crisp air and small town atmosphere of Winnetu, Utah. You can find all of the wines you need to tour America on our web site. There’s something for everyone.

It may be difficult to believe, but there are places all over the USA where you can taste great wine, and spend time in beautiful and romantic settings. You don’t have to travel to wine country – there are plenty of places where you can take a short vacation and still experience all of the great things wine makes possible. If you love wine, you should consider using the internet as a way to search for wine tours. This will give you a variety of options, and let you find the best trip for you and your budget.

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