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Wine Business Monthly's editors believe that trials are the embodiment of a winemaker's pursuit of quality, and are always looking for new trials to feature at our events.

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Assessing Smoke Taint Risk
Washington State University
Using Ozone (Purovino) to Remove Smoke Taint
Deerfield Ranch
How Fermentation Temperature and Oak Regimen Affect Smoke-tainted Wine
UC Davis
Flash Detente as a Mitigation Technique for Smoke-exposed
Grapes Carneros Vintners
The Effect of Maceration Timing on Smoke Taint Extraction
A to Z Wineworks
Understanding Pinot Grigio Color Stabilization
Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Fermentation Temperatures on Barrel-fermented Chardonnay
Chamisal Vineyards
Use of Cilyo to Decrease Unstable Polyphenols in White Wines
Domaine Carneros
Increased SO2 at Crush to Enhance Color Extraction in Pinot Noir
Chemeketa Cellars
Comparing the Use of Air and Nitrogen as Flotation Gases
Erath Winery
Does the Stabulation Technique Build Palate Weight and Structure in Syrah Rosé?
Chateau Ste. Michelle
Effect of Higher Yield and Later Thinning on Pinot Noir
Adelsheim Vineyard
Implications of Barrel, Stainless Steel and Alternative Oak RRV PN Ferments
Francis Ford Coppola Winery/Virginia Dare Winery
Fermentation and Aging of Sauvignon Blanc in Two Different Concrete Eggs with Different Origins
Galerie Wines
Nutrient Timing on Barrel-fermented Chardonnay
Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards
The Effects of Cherry Wood on Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
Gold Line/Myka Cellars
Whole Cluster on Top vs. Bottom of Fermenter in Pinot Noir
Adelsheim Vineyard
Non-Saccharomyces Yeast Comparison in Barrel-fermented Chardonnay
Sonoma-Cutrer Vineyards
Velocity Winemaking via STARS Technologies
Hess Collection Winery
Co-inoculation of Malolactic Bacteria vs. Sequential Inoculation in Carneros Pinot Noir and Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Effect of Direct Inoculation vs. Normal Rehydration of GVS107 Yeast on Chardonnay
Hess Collection Winery
Using No-SO2 Wine Production Methods on Pinot Noir
Van Duzer Vineyards


Every year, the Innovation + Quality Advisory Board selects a recipient for the Lifetime Innovator Award, presented to someone for their dedication to the pursuit of wine quality and contributions to the industry.

2018 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner:
Paul Draper - Lifetime Achievement Award Winner
Paul Draper
Ridge Vineyards

This year's award is proudly being presented to Paul Draper for developing a philosophy of winemaking, innovating for nearly 50 vintages while fostering innovation among other winemakers and organizations. The award will be given at the keynote session the morning of the second day of IQ.


The INNOVATION + QUALITY awards spot light the most innovative products and services for wineries.

Each year products are hand selected by the I+Q Advisory Board and the Wine Business Monthly editorial team solely on criteria of innovation that lends itself to high-quality, ultra-premium winemaking and can include both product categories and individual products.


FieldStat Water Stress Forecasts
FieldStat Water Stress Forecasts
Tule Technologies

Tule's FieldStat Water Stress Forecasts provide grape growers and winemakers the ability to see the number of days until they need to irrigate and the influence of future irrigation applications on the water stress of the plants. It is a significant step closer to connecting the dots between each irrigation decision and the final grape yield and quality. The technology learns from the site-specific water relations of each vineyard block using the data from Tule sensors. Every day, Tule sensors measure the most recent evapotranspiration, irrigation and water stress data from the block. The FieldStat Water Stress Forecast is a model that is re-trained every day to infer the response of the plant water status to irrigation, rainfall and evapotranspiration. It then uses this mechanistic understanding of the site-specific water relations to forecast how the upcoming weather will translate to an increase in water stress, as well as how future irrigation amounts will translate to a decrease in water stress.


STARS-XF builds on Oenodia's existing STARS technology and is an evolution in its wine filtration process. It provides continuous crossflow filtration, tartrate stabilization and pH adjustment in a single pass. The two units can be operated individually, however, when connected, one operator can control two machines from one split-screen. By coupling these technologies, STARS-XF combines all the advantages of both technologies in a single package, eliminating diatomaceous earth, intermediate storage tanks, KHT seeding, cold stabilization and wine loss by up to 3 percent. Furthermore, it increases operational flexibility, saves time, water and 96 percent energy.

(See a trial utilizing this product on May 24: Velocity Winemaking via STARS-XF Technology)

Wine Granade
Wine Grenade
Wine Grenade

The Wine Grenade offers a micro-oxygenation solution for small-to-medium wine producers. The cloud-connected devices allow controlled amounts of oxygen to diffuse through a pressurized length of permeable tubing, recreating the natural diffusion process that happens in a barrel, but with a greater level of control. Each platinum-cured silicone tube is fitted with an Active Float System which moves around the tank, resulting in a more even distribution of oxygen across a greater cross-section of wine. Sensors built into the device provide on-demand insights to winemakers in real time. The Wine Grenade system is a fitting solution for Phase 2 harmonization in wine volumes from 50 to 10,000 gallons.

VinWizard Multi-Level-Probe
VinWizard Multi-Level-Probe
Wine Technology Solutions

Pump-overs affect temperature throughout the tank, but frequency and duration are commonly based on assumptions of what is happening. In reality, every tank has different points of stratification and ferment activity depending on refrigeration effectiveness and tank design. This solution lets winemakers review each level over the entire ferment and refine pump-overs to achieve optimum results for the wine. The VinWizard Multi-Level-Probe (MLP) can have 5 to 30 sensors linked in a chain from the top to bottom of the tank. This chain slides inside a stainless tube fitted at the top. Each MLP has a control box with communication back to the server via ethernet or Modbus RS485. The software displays a vertical thermal bar on-screen and graphs each sensor level over the life of the ferment. Winemakers can dynamically select which sensor will be the control point or control by average temperature, cap temperature or high/low point. Pump-overs can be automatically started when stratification reaches predetermined trigger points.

Crush Cart Wine Tank Mixer
Crush Cart Wine Tank Mixer
Pulsair Systems

The Pulsair Crush Cart is a small cart-mounted, single Pulsair system for quickly mixing fermenting musts or mixing blending tanks. For fermentations, the Crush Cart is best suited for wineries using fermenters around 10,000 gallons in capacity or smaller, although it's the tank width, rather than its volume, that is the real limiting factor. A Pulsair system can mix a stratified tank, mix a blend, mix in additives or turn over a fermentation in ridiculously short times. Tanks of wine as large as 55,000 gallons can be mixed to specification in under 10 minutes. By mounting the powerful TM-2002W on a stainless steel mobile car with hose reels, the winemaker can quickly move from tank to tank and turn the caps quickly and gently, further streamlining cap management processes. Open-top and side racking port probes are available depending on the tank setup.



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Gabriel Glass Sponsor
Glass Sponsor

The exclusive opening night soiree to kick off Innovation + Quality.

Join us the evening of May 23 to kick of the the IQ event with IQ CONNECT – the opening night soiree celebrating the leading innovators in ultra-premium winemaking.

Held in the newly renovated Mansion Gardens at the Silverado Resort & Spa in Napa Valley, IQ CONNECT is an evening wine and food reception featuring wineries and winemakers known for their devotion and dedication to innovation. Join hundreds as they taste through some of the wine world's most cutting-edge creations in a relaxed environment.

IQ CONNECT will feature select "bars," pouring wines from distinct winemakers, wineries and award winners.

iq connect - pouring wines

Marchesi Antinori: Chief executive and chief winemaker for Marchesi Antinori, Renzo Cotarella, will be on hand to pour Antica Chardonnay and Guado al Tasso Vermentino, following his keynote presentation and tasting earlier in the day.

Ridge Vineyards: Paul Draper, widely recognized as a leader in the wine industry, pioneered and popularized vineyard designated wines and has led a movement to protect and promote Californian old vine Zinfandel.

IQ Advisory Board Wines: Have you ever wanted to try some of the wines produced by IQ's outstanding board of expert winemakers? This is your chance, as several will be pouring and discussing methods.

Green Medal Award Winners: The California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance will recognize the recipients of the Green Medal Awards, vineyards and wineries who are leaders in implementing the 3 E's of sustainability (environment, economic and social equity), at Innovation + Quality.

Proceeds from IQ CONNECT will be used fund a grant for enterprising smoke taint researchers looking for new discoveries on how it affects a final wine, removal methods and more.

Admittance to IQ CONNECT is included with an IQ All Access pass, or can be purchased independently for $150.